Alicia & Andy | Canton Havana Pekin Abingdon Illinois Wedding Photographer Erica Clark

Where do I begin with this sweet sweet story?

Of the few details I know, this must be one of THE most romantic stories of how 2 people met that I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.

Alicia and Andy’s mothers are actually responsible for them finding one another. Alicia and Andy’s mothers work together and have been friends for years.

After some time, they both realized that their children (Alica and Andy) were meant for each other…and there you have it. The 2 were introduced and as they say, the rest is history.

I’m particularly grateful to a few people for the fortune of documenting this wedding.

Ashley Katz who recommended me to Alicia, Alicia and Andy for being such unique, easy going, artistic, and trusting clients. You have become friends throughout this process and I am a better person and photographer for it; and finally, a thank you to the 2 stunning ladies responsible for bringing Alicia and Andy together.

first looks…you know i love ’em

this image was inspired by Alicia who is an art teacher, my love for Polaroids, and Dear Photograph

at the Gillam Orchard

Alica & Andy’s mothers…and boy can they dance!

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